Thursday, 6 January 2011

Revamped and Cooking


I went a bit crazy with the new design templates.
I've been meaning to come back to this. Well, techincally, I nearly switched over to WordPress. But it's a bitch to me when doing uni work anyway, so why let go of lovingly ol' reliable blogspot?

2011, then. What've you got for me? 2 exams, 2 mock exams, 1 essay, subbing feature articles, applying for jobs that are too far away with no pay, and fridge that may have destroyed my food. All to look forward to in the next week.

2011, I don't think I like you.
But then again, the job thing is quite exciting, and I only had butter and syrup in the fridge.

I won't promise, as I always do, to kick-start this blog back up, because that would sound like a resolution. Now, I was never one for resolutions. For the last 22 years, it's always been the same: stop biting your fingernails. Well bollocks to that one. I'll bite my nails whether I want to or not. That's right, I have no say in the matter - no control over the magnetic attraction between my teeth and fingers.
I also refuse to eat healthier. I may have stuffed myself silly this Christmas, but frankly, I don't eat much on my own and I will NOT give up meat or sugar. So there.
I refuse to go to a gym or do yoga or pilates or any form of sweaty exercise. Walking is perfectly adequate.

So what else can you offer, 2011? Sixth series of Doctor Who with a Neil Gaiman episode, return of Sherlock, F1 in 63 days, I can finally see Never Let Me Go, and very possibly also somehow manage to get a decent MA in Journalism.

We'll see.

And as for what this blog will be?

I don't know. Still cooking.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Solar Sympathy perform to local crowd at the Latest Music Bar

Solar Sympathy returned to the site of their first live performance at the Latest Music Bar in Kemp Town, Brighton last Thursday.

Comprised of siblings Gemma, 28, and Matt Roberts, 26, the Brighton-based acoustic outfit were opening for another local band, Jo-Jo and the Go Cats.

The brother and sister duo played their first gig in the Latest Music Bar earlier this year, and described it as ‘the most uplifting…amazing experience ever.’

Solar Sympathy describe their music as ‘indie soul that mixes a raw acoustic sound with soulful vocals.’ Gemma, who works for a charity organisation, said: ‘I love the acoustic sound that we generate now. I think it’s a kind of a real raw sound; it’s just me and Matt, nothing else.’

The pair took to stage amidst great support and excitement from the audience, which consisted of friends, family and local Brighton residents. The atmospheric and stylish venue of the Latest Music Bar, which boasts Amy Winehouse, Herbie Flowers and The Kooks as past performers, proved to be an ideal backdrop to their haunting vocals.

The performance included a mixture of cover songs, such as Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice, along with original songs written by both. With Gemma usually on vocals and Matt on guitar, the night also saw Matt, who is a teacher, singing one of his own songs, Cards.

The pair cited artists ranging from Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette and Eva Cassidy to Incubus, The Beatles and Red Hot Chilli Peppers as their influences. They also expressed a wish to perform in larger venues in London in the future, as well as expanding as a band.

The band have also recently produced their first self-recorded album, titled Albert’s Last Stand, which can be available by contacting them at

Solar Sympathy by Kashfia

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Catch up

There's a tried and tested joke that you've probably encountered already: A tomato family is travelling (or running, or walking) and the baby tomato is lagging behind. The daddy tomato looks back and barks at his son: "catch-up."
Say it out loud and it'll guarantee a little snort of derisive amusement.
Only reason I mention this is because I just labelled this post 'catch up' and that phrase always reminds me of that joke. And Uma Thurman mentions it in Pulp Fiction.

Anyways, I know I've been rubbish with this blog. And I could list a bunch of excuses, like how I've been too busy writing essays blah blah blah. So instead of me moaning, here's what actually happened:

1. I finished university!! Yay! I got a 2.1 in English Literature, and I graduate next Friday :)
2. I got accepted into Brunel University! So come September, I'll be starting an MA in Journalism (NCTJ accredited). I am shit scared.
3. I worked backstage at the Brighton Frocks Couture Show. More on that later (I promise I'll try!)
4. It's been 3 weeks since I last had any sushi.
5. I swear I've done more stuff worth mentioning...
6. ...does watching Lost, Alias, London gangster films, organizing my bookshelf and buying a corset count?
7. I bought a gorgeous black corset!
8. I'm off to see Wicked tomorrow.
9. I'll stop here.

I'm currently re-watching all of Alias, for two reasons: 1. I never really knew what the whole deal was with Prophet Five, and 2. Julian Sark.

Also, my friend Shuvo and I just planned an entire private jet idea. Corsets, assassins, and shisha. Yeah. Our airbus will bring Branson to his knobbly knees. (I don't know if his knees are knobbly. They're probably not, but knobbly and knees just go together).

I'm defying gravity tomorrow, so I should probably have a good night's sleep.

Happy summer. xx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

May Day

Okay, so it's May 3rd, but it's Bank Holiday! Yay: no class. Nay: no food places open. It also means that I've got exactly 2 weeks to get my two 4000 word essays done...and my 6000 word dissertation. Panic? Yes.

She reminds me of Faith.